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Welcome to SX Streambot - Your Announcement-Discordbot for Twitch Streams

Our bot is the perfect tool to enhance your streaming experience. Here are some reasons why you should definitely give it a try.

  • Announce up to 25 streamers: Never miss out on your favorite streamers live streams again.
  • Real-time updates: Our bot refreshes every 5-15 minutes.
  • Customizable announcements: Choose whether the bot should mention @here, @everyone, or no one.
  • Separate announcement channels: Announcements for different streamers in separate channels!
  • Help our animal shelter: By using our premium bot, you automatically support our animal shelter!
  • Individual customization: You can customize your embed and show or hide specific information!
  • Soon! Announce whenever you Upload a Video on Youtube!

Our Discord bot for streams offers everything you need to optimize your streaming experience. What are you waiting for? Invite the bot now and become part of our growing community!

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SX Dashboard - Manage and personalize your Discordbots

All our Bots having its own settings for you to personalize your experience at its best.

With our Dashboard you will have full control and many options to personalize your own SX Discordbots.
Easy to understand Fields and simple to use.
FAQs for every Field in case some fields are unclear to you.
Support via Discord Ticketsystem for a good user experience.

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Check our Features

Announce up to 25 Streamer

Announce up to 25 Streamers in one or more Discordchannels!

Updates every 15 Minutes

The Announcement updates every 5-15 Minutes all Data within the Post by itself!

Mentions @here, @everyone or none

You can mention @here, @everyone or no one. Its up to you!

Beautiful, Secure Dashboard

Our Userpanel is 100% self-coded and customized for your best experience!

Change color of Embeds

You can even change the color of the Embed!

Announce different Streamers in seperate Channels

If you want, you can even announce your stream in 1 channel and other Streamers in a other channel!

Customize your post with show/hide

Only show what YOU want, you have full control, what Data will be announced!

Create funny Live-Announcement Titels

You can create funny, always random changing "now-Live" Announcements for your Discord Announcements!

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Twitch bot with AI integration.

  • Effortlessly design and implement personalized commands to engage your audience.
  • Organize your commands with ease. Edit and delete functions are a click away.
  • AI Integration. Let your bot Answer on any question. No need for google anymore.
  • Tailor command access to different user levels – from moderators to subscribers.
  • Acknowledge your loyal viewers with commands just for them, enhancing community feeling.
  • From simple text replies to complex scripts, the bot adapts to your creative demands.
  • Polls, giveaways, and more to keep your audience invested and entertained.
  • Keep your community informed with automated messages for new followers, subscribers, and more.
  • Reach a global audience with multi-language capabilities.
  • Create custum Commands with permissions
  • Effortlessly design and implement personalized commands to engage your audience.
  • Intuitive design for easy navigation and management without the need for coding expertise.

Our Twitchbot offers everything you need to engage with your Viewers in your Stream.

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